Upload your customer list

Step 1 Upload your file

It's easy! Choose any Excel (xlsx only), csv, or delimited text file containing your addressed list and add it to the box below. You can drag and drop the file into the box below or just click it to browse the files on your computer.

Once you upload your custom list, we will validate it.

File requirements
  • Do not include commas within your data fields. For example: "John, Q" for the first name. This will cause issues with CSV and TXT files.
  • xlsx, csv, or txt files are accepted
  • Text and CSV files must be comma delimited
  • Place apartment, suite and lot numbers in a Address 2 column. Otherwise, Canada Post will not be able to recognize the entry as a valid street address.
  • File size cannot exceed 4 MB.

Download a sample CSV file.


Step 2 - Identify your fields

GREAT! Now identify each column for the file you uploaded. Your file must contain these required columns: First name, Last name, Address, City, Province, and Postal code. Additional columns such as Address 2 and Company name are optional.



Results summary

Results Quantity Description
Detected addresses Addresses detected prior to validation
Valid addresses Addresses that we can mail to
Invalid addresses Addresses we cannot mail to



 Total certified prospects


Name and save your list.

When you are ready, please provide a name for your list and click Save and continue.

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